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Experimental Services, Inc. has a wide selection of used and refurbished MTS, Pegasus, Shore Western, and Parker actuators, including Bird-Johnson rotary actuators that will fit most of your needs. Some of these are not listed so be sure to call Experimental Services, Inc. for pricing and help you choose the right equipment for needs and budget, product information and ordering at 330-848-0059 extension #1.

All equipment is available for immediate delivery or pickup.

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Standard Bushing Life Test Machine


Standard Bushing Life Test Machine

Wahl & Straub type test machines are also available for 'TRAC' (Torsional, Radial, Axial, and Conical) testing



Standard Bushing Test Machines

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Standard Bushing Test Machines (10)

Wahl & Straub Style, Inner & Outer, Rotate,Bottom & Top Loading

  • Load Capacity: 22 kN (5000 lbs)
  • Test Speed: 60 to 300 Cyc/Min (1 to 5 Hz)

Standard Bushing Life test Machine