Used Equipment Sales & Ordering Information

Experimental Services, Inc. has a wide selection of used and refurbished MTS, Pegasus, Shore Western, and Parker actuators, including Bird-Johnson rotary actuators that will fit most of your needs. Some of these are not listed so be sure to call Experimental Services, Inc. for pricing and help you choose the right equipment for needs and budget, product information and ordering at 330-848-0059 extension #1.

All equipment is available for immediate delivery or pickup.

To Order Call 330-848-0059 ext #1



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Rubber Dynamic Testing

ESI specializes in the dynamic characterization of rubber products and rubber materials.

Using servo-hydraulic (MTS) and electrodynamic (Labworks, Ling) test systems ESI can determine material and engineering properties from the static condition to well over 1000 Hz. Read more...

Static Deflection Testing

ESI performs static deflection testing to determine the load carrying capacity of products as well as material properties. Using linear servo-hydraulic actuators we can perform tension or compression static tests up to 100 Kip (500 kN). Read more...

Fatigue Testing

Material fatigue tests include Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG) testing of pure shear specimens, 3 point bending flex and Demattia style rubber coupon testing. Product fatigue testing is offered on polymer based (rubber and plastic) as well as ferrous and nonferrous metal components. Read more...

Vibration Testing

Swept sine, shock and random or profile spectrum sweeps can be performed using servo-hydraulic or electromagnetic shakers. Read more...


Heat aging ovens are available with interior dimensions up to 9’ L x 7’ W x 7’ H suitable for large components or products such as tires. Cold environments are created using cascade compressor refrigeration or liquid nitrogen typically down as far as -80º C. Read more...